We are glad to offer our souvenirs.:

1) Customized rubber and metal keychains (price start at 0.1 $)

2) Customized rubber and metal magnets (price start at 0.1 $)

3) Money clips

4) Pendants, rings and collar buttons

5) Coins and medals (prizes)

6) Corkscrews and bottle openers

7) Lockets

8) Customized pens (price start at 0.05 $)

9) Variety of high-tech customized gadgets – computer mice, hubs, HDD, power banks (price start at 2 $)

10) Lanyards, badges (price start at 0.5 $ for a set of a lanyard and B3 badge)


And we’d like to remind you main advantages of Flash Imperia.

* low prices

* high product quality;

* short delivery dates;

* worldwide delivery






*Contact our managers for further details!

Find examples of your products by clicking the link.


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