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Способы нанесения логотипа на флеш накопители

Customized memory card or usb flash drive is a perfect promotional tool. These souvenirs can be used during exhibitions and presentations and are necessary for promos and PR. Branding logo or other images makes flash drives and memory cards great media tools. Usb flash drive is a good novel gift!

A USB flash drive is a data storage device with capacity up to 128 GB. Flash drive plugs into PC or other device via USB interface. Today everyone uses flash drives for transferring information at home and at work. These storage devices can keep documents, photos, music and other data. It was unreal just 10 years ago. The rush for this product made producers decorate flash drives, making them business souvenir for any occasion.

Branding means logo imprinting onto special products and is essential part of souvenirs for corporate clients. Branding in particular makes flash drives an extraordinary gift and helps to promote the brand, which is highly important in our competitive environment.

Most souvenirs and gifts for clients are branded today. The image may contain logo, name, contacts and so on.

This makes rational and deliberate choice of flash drive model and branding method extremely actual. Right branding method can improve your souvenir and make it worthy, while the mistake is able to destroy good impression of an expensive gift.

Moreover, it’s important to concern the cost of branding. It means that sometimes medium priced methods are much better than expensive imprinting.

Flash Imperia team will help you make rational choice for your souvenirs.

As for flash drives, branding method depends on the casing material. Laser engraving is the most suitable for metal casings. This method is fairly considered to be eternal. Foil and blind embossing is used for leather casings. Pressed foil on a leather flash drive will emphasize the uniqueness of this material and will convince the most difficult client that he has made the right choice. Pad printing is a perfect method for plastic flash drives. Bright plastic details always fit rich color used in pad printing. Wood flash drives can be branded both by pad printing and laser engraving.

Every casing and design of our custom flash drives is unique the way every corporate style is unique and specific. That is why every single order has lots of details important when choosing branding method. We advise our clients to contact our managers to find best ways of branding for you, no matter whether it’s laser engraving for metal flash drives, embossing for leather ones or full-color pad printing for credit card custom flash drives.

Unusual shape, stylish design and individual approach will show your creativity and uniqueness!

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