While ordering check carefully appearance and specifications meet your requirements. If you have any questions, please contact our manager.

    In accordance with the Russian Consumer Right Protection Law (statement 14), usb flash drives and memory cards are in the list of non-grocery goods of proper quality that cannot be returned and replaced with comparable products of another size, shape or color after the purchase.

     The customer has the right to claim replacement of the product if it has essential defects (for example, manufacturing non-removable defects, defects demanding expensive or too long repair and so on).

If you have any complaints against product’s quality, please use the following warranty policy.

Warranty means free repair of the product or its replacement.

If separate details have been bought, the Seller is not in charge of quality of the whole item.

The seller does not warrant the compatibility of the purchased goods and the goods purchased from other parties.

Warranty is valid for five years from the originate date of purchase.

To obtain warranty service you have to fill in the reclamation form for each item. The form must include detailed description of the defects and the occurrence of those defects. You may also include description of the equipment that has caused the defects in the form. Reclamation form is filled in and signed by the customer.

The warranty service is realized through testing claimed defects. If the test shows the defects covered by this warranty, warranty repair is executed. The repair time is set by the manufacturer’s Authorized Service Center. Repaired goods are returned to the customer in the same configuration as taken.


If there are latent defects caused by the Customer or the User, the goods are refundable or can be replaced.

The list of defects not covered by the warranty:

  1. Mechanical defects caused by the strike or any accident:

    • Dents, scratches, external splits;

    • Deformation, connector splits and cracks, bent live parts;

    • Mechanical defects of the installation connectors and slots;

    • Damaged or missing of mainboard electronic components;

    • Damaged conductor paths;

    • Damaged controls (buttons and controllers).

  2. Electrical damage:

    • Conductor paths zapping;

    • Electronic components zapping and/or ballooning;

    • Soot on the product’s surface.

  3. Damage resulting from use of non-OEM parts and from service, repair and modification of the equipment by not authorized representatives of the manufacturer, including microcode modification:

    • Decapsulation of the product (positions of joint of casing details, fixing elements slots);

    • Damaged guaranty seals and warranty stickers;

  4. Damages resulting from transportation, storing (humidity, air pollution, corroding medium) and exploitation (poor supply main, short circuit, network congestion, damaged contacts, casing cracks, foreign items in the casing, such as insects of liquid and so on).

    Static electricity damages.

  5. Damage resulting from normal wear and tear or end-of-life.

  6. Damages resulting from use of non-OEM software, wear parts and other details.

  7. Damages resulting from underpackaging of lack of ESD packaging.

  8. Damaged warranty and other stickers.



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