Attention! Be careful!

     Today there are lots of “fly by night” companies offering cheap products of poor quality. Poor quality results from use of low grade and upgraded chips.

      That is why many people come across the situation when presented custom flash-drive becomes just a reminder of some event. Such flash drives stops working in a week or its performance leaves much to be desired. Here are some indications of bad performance:

  • Loaded data is not kept on the flash drive or kept irregularly;

  • The PC does not identify the device;

  • Working capacity is up to 8 times smaller than specified;

  • Low read and write speed.

     All these indicators result from poor-quality chips used in the production of flash drives. Flash drive suppliers and sellers rush to diminish cost and make the production cost effective buying B and C Grade chips. As a result, the customer formally gets worthy products of real poor quality.

     In consequence, all your efforts to promote your company may be brought to nought. Moreover, besides wasting time and money, you may undermine your image.

     The quality of any flash drive chip is easy to check. You should just carefully open the casing and pay attention to the label, build quality, and the casing material.

     Another problem for the customers is the contradiction between specified and working capacity. Some companies sell upgraded chips to diminish own costs. So 2GB chips are detected like 8 or 16GB ones. Practically, it’s just a consumer fraud.

     This information is just a brief flash drive market review, or the review of chips quality which we know from our close cooperation with dozens of Chinese flash manufacturers.

    Long negotiations, tests, evaluation of proposals and opportunities, lots of trips to Chinese factories (Shenzhen, China) resulted in our offer:

  • Full conformance of specified and working capacity of flash drives.

  • Use of high-quality A Grade chips of worldwide leaders, such as Toshiba, Sandisk, Micron, Hynix, Samsung from Japan, Korea and Taiwan.

  • Durability of our chips is up to 10 years, that means about 30 000 writing cycles (for example, B Grade chips enable only several hundred writing cycles).

Comparison chart 1

Specified capacity

Working capacity (Grade A)

Working capacity (Grade B)

1 Gb

960 Mb

930 Mb

2 Gb

1,82 Gb

1,50 Gb

4 Gb

3,75 Gb

3,50 Gb

8 Gb

7,52 Gb

6,80 Gb

16 Gb

14,7 Gb

13,6 Gb







Comparison chart 2

Specified capacity

Read speed

Write speed

1 Gb

7-8 Mb/s

2-2,5 Mb/s

2 Gb

8-9 Mb/s

2,5-3 Mb/s

4 Gb

9-10 Mb/s

3,5-4 Mb/s

8 Gb

12-13 Mb/s

4-4,5 Mb/s

16 Gb

14-16 Mb/s

4,5-6 Mb/s








With Hi-Speed USB 2.0 transfer rates our flash drives do not require special installation.


        All of our products are tested to specified characteristics by the manufacturer and our specialists. Particularly, our test are the following:

  • visual check of the chip,

  • write and read speed test with the following programs: USBDeview, H2testw, Check Flash (click the link to download)

  • Repetitive formatting of the flash drives

The following are the pictures of high-quality A Grade chips:



 Click the link to watch the process of visual check of the chip. The video shows A Grade chip Hynix, which is used in our flash drives.

User agreement

The following are the pictures of poor-quality B and C Grade chips:




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